Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You Know What I Need...

...I need someone to call, email, and text me every single day and ask if I have written my blog for that day. "Hi Suzanne, did you write your blog today? You haven't? Why not? Why don't you write your blog right now, you apparently have time to answer the phone, read email, check your text messages."

I think that I should mention that I have an *AMAZING* support system. This is imperative if you have made the mad decision to work at home and/or for yourself. You must have people in your life who will support and contribute to your insanity. Jeremy & Eric are amazing, they area always willing to roll up their sleeves and pitch in, even if Jeremy's had a long day at work & when Eric would rather be outside riding his bike. They are wonderful and I absolutely could not do this without them.

I also have unbelievable friends who listen to me stress out about going to shows, wear and talk about my products (sometimes of their own volition), and rant about photography. They are always there with a smile, a drink, or a great suggestion on how to make those damned photos better.

Thanks to all of the special folks in my life who make this lunacy possible with their love and their support. I say it time and time again, but it is 100% true when I say that I couldn't do this without you.

Now moving on...let's talk about Pluto. You may or may not know that Pluto has been downgraded in status and the scientific community worldwide (excepting those in Illinois and New Mexico) no longer acknowledges it as a planet. I am, of course, outraged and wish that they would let Pluto be a planet again. I'm not the only dissident though, apparently Dr. Neil de Grasse Tyson has been getting hate mail from 3rd Graders on the subject. He's received enough mail to fill a book. Some of the letters are real tearjerkers and it won't be long until you've joined me and a group of angry 8-year-olds in the quest to reinstate Pluto's planetary status.

Keeping with the geek theme...if you have a moment, an interest in computer programming, or a desire to know more about Jeremy and what his actual job is (yeah, I bet you all thought that he worked for me all the time, but alas, he's got this notion that one of us should have a real job and pay the mortgage...I don't know where that comes from) then you should visit his new blog. You can see what he's working on and get to know him a little better because he is awesome!

From the studio...We've got new props and the photos are shaping up nicely and I've had several inquiries about the chainmaille tie (which is also awesome!) This week is vacation (w00t!) and I'll be in and out all week, but we will not be far from home, so email and order away!

Today's featured seller is Dirty Story Jewelry, made to order cuff bracelets with *AMAZING* designs. Check them out, for they are another check in the awesome box. Good stuff!

I think that's about it for tonight, lest I call one more thing "awesome". ;)
Happy Monday everyone!

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