Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolutions & All of That

There's something about the start of a new year, it brings about the desire for change, the want to do better, the need to be a better blogger....

I know I talk about my inability to update the blog regularly, but I feel that this is my Achilles heel. So in the spirit of the new year I've resolved to blog more regularly, not talk about my failure at blogging anymore, and to send our monthly newsletter on a monthly basis. If you want to receive our newsletter but you're not already on our mailing list you can sign up here. We've also recently updated our website. We've got a new host, a new look, a link to our Etsy shop, and a shiny new Events calendar. If you haven't been by the new site please take a moment to check it out.

We have also been updating our Etsy shop since we got back from Christmas vacation. We've been adding more favorites and we're working on some great new projects. Look for new totes in various sizes, zipper pouches in great new fabrics, and fun pillowcases.

We'll also feature many of the new sewing projects in our display at Stash in Castle Rock.

Speaking of Stash I'm excited to say that I'll be teaching a great class called "Anatomy of a Sock" beginning Wednesday, January 5th. This will be a two part class where we'll cover all the in's and out's of knitting socks. Please call 303-660-YARN for more details or to register. I love knitting socks so I am really excited for the chance to teach this class. There are lots of great sock yarns at Stash, but if you're too far away to join us you can find some amazing sock yarn at Apothecary Yarns on Etsy.

So I think we're off to a good start this year. I'm back on the blog and the newsletter, we're getting the shop back in shape and adding some great new items, and I'll be teaching and knitting at Stash.

We hope that everyone had a fantastic holiday season with friends and family, and that you, Dear Friends, are looking forward to this shiny bright new year as much as we are.

See you next week!

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