Monday, July 11, 2011

Craftstravaganza Featured Vendor: La Samara Studios

With our second Craftstravaganza event right around the corner we wanted to introduce our featured vendors. Today we're going to start with our friends at La Samara Studios. 

 My childhood spirit sought quiet beauty…the unfurling of the fern leaf, or watching a vine delicately seek a nearby limb. Although individual sprigs of life…we are inherently connected and need each other. The name Samara speaks of the winged seedling that floats along the wind to start life anew. I am eternally enchanted with Victorian gardens, artisanal ironwork, songbirds, fossils, and the plethora of gemstones that inspire my jewelry design that is then lovingly wrought with my little olive hued hands.
 Materials I adore…
 Drusy*Garnet*Emerald*Amber*Tibetan Quartz*

We're so excited to welcome La Samara Studios to Craftstravaganza and we're really looking forward to the show! Don't forget to visit our Facebook page and website for more Craftstravaganza updates and information.

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