Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Studio Wasn't the Only Move

We had a fantastic time at Craftstravaganza this weekend. Our second event of the season was a complete success...which got us thinking...

The goal of Craftstravaganza was to provide a quality show for vendors by providing a show that was well organized and to provide a quality show for our guests by offering an exciting selection of handmade goods in a quaint and personal setting. It has become apparent to everyone involved that we are certainly on that path, and because of that Jeremy and I made the decision to keep that momentum and move the Craftstravaganza content from the Siouxsiequeue's website, blog, and Facebook pages to an Internet home of its own!

Beginning today Craftstravaganza has its own room at and a shiny new Facebook page too! The new site features all the information you could want about Craftstravaganza! A blog, photo galleries, events calendar, vendor information, the whole enchilada!

Everyone here at Siouxsiequeue's is excited about the new sites and we hope you drop by to check them out soon.

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