Thursday, January 28, 2010

Whenever One Door Closes...

...Another one slams shut on your fingers. :)
No that's not really true, titles and email subject lines are difficult for me. I feel a lot of pressure to be clever and funny in that tiny little box that most people probably don't ready anyway.

Today was kind of a big day for us here at Siouxsiequeue's. Our merchandise has been featured in a local shop since August, but due to different opinions on the direction of the business we are parting ways with the shop. The only thing that really means is that we won't be in the shop anymore, but it is a bit sad, and now I cannot point potential customers to the shop. Not to worry though, we're still on Etsy and after a short break I plan to take my work back the to the local market place.

We're also having a busy weekend around here as well. I've recently formed a knitting group with some of the ladies I'm friends with and we're hosting a knitting/movie night in our home on Saturday night. I'm having a bit of stress about this only because the studio space is visible from the rest of the house and I'm going to have to work on cleaning up instead of new projects tomorrow. :)

More good news, Nicole has consented to learning to knit (maybe), my favorite craft shop, Fancy Tiger, is having a yarn sale, Jeremy said we can get a new sofa, and we're thinking about a road trip in order to obtain said new sofa!

On the business front, I've finally posted the listings for all the new Valentine's Day jewelry items and am about to start work on some fun pieces for Mardi Gras. I'm also going to do a whole series of pieces in various shades of blue and silver. I'm hoping to finish the quilt I've been working on, a fun twin sized quilt using L'Amour by Sandy Gervais for Moda Fabrics. I've posted a few photos on our Facebook fanpage and I'll work on getting a few more together.

Looks like this entry turned into a blog of 1,000 links, and I guess I'll leave you with one more. During your exploration of Etsy don't forget to check out our frien
d Elisatta's page. She's done some amazing and cute watercolor paintings and cards.

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