Monday, February 15, 2010

But the Legend of the Sofa Was Way Hardcore

I am impatient. No, really, I am impatient. There is no nice way around it, no sugar coating, it is blind impatience. It is good to know these things about oneself for it makes it easier to get through trying times; but it doesn't make it any easier for the people around me.

I am consumed with the impatience I am suffering while waiting for deliveries to be made. The first thing I think of (well, really the second, no the third...but five is right out) when I wake up is "I hope the sofa arrives today" knowing full well that it isn't even expected in the store's warehouse before this week. As I brush my teeth, shoot photos, and post comments on Facebook all I can think of "It would be fantastic if the sofa/coffee table/jewelry supplies (that I just ordered btw) arrived today, again knowing full well that they won't.

My impatience is starting to affect my work, as I am prone to wandering into daydreams of furniture deliveries and projects that cannot be started until deliveries are made. When Ein hears (and starts barking) at the UPS delivery truck my heart starts to race and I run to the front door in anticipation of the parcels that will delivered today.

Two things need to happen now. Thing the first, I need to learn to be more patient. Thing the second, I need to stop ordering things online.

In shop related news, all of our Valentine's Day themed items have been removed, so I'm sorry to say that boat has sailed. Also, today and tomorrow will be the last days for the Mardi Gras themed items. Tonight we listed an awesome version of our Tranquility Bracelet. I've done the original in matte black with a matte black toggle, sleek and sophisticated, you know you want one! Also, you guys can expect to see a lot more green items being listed toward the end of the week.

Additionally I'm glad to report we've had a ton of really amazing feedback and support from the other Etsy shop owners I mention here, visitors to our shop, friends, family, and the craft community as a whole. I'm touched guys, we absolutely cannot do it with out you, thank you so much!

By now I'll bet you're wondering who our seller of the day is, well that is easy it's Beta Boutique! Fun and unique handmade clothing and accessories and if you want to know why I picked Beta, I have two words for you tulle skirt!

Somewhere in the house I can hear Eric washing up for bed, kitty cats purring and the gentle hum of Jeremy blowing stuff up in video games, that dear friends is the sound of home. As we part from tonight's chat I'd like to remind you all to support things like crafters, local artisans, independent bookstores, library, and the bands your friends are in!

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