Friday, February 19, 2010

I don't have a title for this one...

...Again, I really stress out about the "Title" box on the blog page and the subject line on emails. I'm hoping to overcome this little quirk, someday.

Anyway, here we are, rounding the corner into Spring and we're buried in snow. I love the weather here, so unpredictable.

So much happened this week, my guitar came, the new coffee table came, the sofa is (finally) going to arrive on Sunday. For those of you who follow us on Facebook you might have seen that I initially said it would be delivered tomorrow, but alas, that plan changed. I will not say why in this public forum, but if you send me an email I'll tell you all about it. Needless to say, I'm not happy about the sofa situation. Oh, and if you would like to become the proud new owner of our previous sofa drop a line or check out my ad on Craig's List. The only reason we bought a new sofa is to mach our decorating scheme, the old sofa is in good shape save a few pet hairs and a few jump rings.

Wednesday was my first guitar lesson. I have been practicing all week and besides having sore fingers it seems to be going pretty well. In the event that I actually learn a song I might just post it here for everyone to listen to...maybe.

Today's new shop listing is the Half-Persian style bracelet in a matte black finish. We've got one more piece from this current collection to post, and I'll get that listed tomorrow. I really love the simplicity of the all black color palette, the pieces look great by themselves or accent pieces they are layered with. They are sleek, elegant, and a lot of fun. Next week we're going to start getting St. Patrick's Day themed items in the shop. I don't think I'm going to make as may variations as I did for Valentine's Day, but I haven't decided yet. I will be listing a fun piece that will be great either as a pendant or as a keyring, you guys will love it!

In other Etsy related news, I wanted to tell you about today's find: Crowley Manor Bath & Body. Soaps, lip balm, body butter all handmade right here in Colorado. Nigerian Dwarf Goats provide the milk that they use for these amazing products, and the goats are the cutest critters I've seen. Even cuter than Moose I think. I bought the Orange Truffle Kahlua Cream Soap and Soap Cake Duo, AKA the OMG soap and it truly lives up to its name! It is so good I want to roll around it in, and that is high praise indeed. Another reason I'm so excited about Crowley Manor is that at the end of March Jeremy, Eric, and I get to drive up and see the new baby goats! Crowley has amazing products and super customer service, check them out!

In other news, the gones are playing tomorrow night at the Lion's Lair in Denver, check them out if you can. Jeremy and I start yoga classes in the morning and more guitar practice. What are you doing this weekend? You should let us know.

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