Monday, February 1, 2010

New Furniture is Distracting

We ordered a new sofa for the living room this weekend, and for some reason this is preventing me from working. Whenever I sit down to work I starting thinking about the new sofa and I start taking measurements in the living room or trying to find things that are the same color as the sofa to compare it with the paint. I'm not usually this distracted, I just can't wait for the new furniture to arrive.

I decided to take a break from being distracted and I did do some work this afternoon. I accepted delivery of some new supplies (yay!), got some photos from Shawn and started planning some new projects. I've been really inspired the past few days, even if I have been distracted, and I've learned a few new (to me) weaves and projects. I'm also getting some new beads in the next week or so and I can't wait to get the new pieces out in the shop. In the mean time you can check out today's listing from my shop and our other favorite seller of the week, The Green Daisy, she makes super cute magnets.

The February newsletter went out this morning as well, if you're not getting our newsletter you can sign up here and get the skinny on our monthly specials, sales, and all that good stuff.

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